Ghosts haunt Webster Groves

With Halloween just passed, it is now time to share some ghost stories from around Webster Groves. 
Some of them may even be right in your backyard – at least that’s the case for senior Maggie Kate Light.

Animated Halloween movies may be upsetting to children

Animated movies are written off as being child friendly only because of the fact that they’re animated/not live action. This assumption can be tricky to navigate when it comes to animated movies marketed as Halloween/spooky movies because, to keep that aspect of horror or spooky/creepy, some subject material is too much for younger viewers.

Students discuss holiday choices

Josie Krueger, Sean Mullins and Rosa Parks, Contributing Writers Halloween approaches, and students make decisions about celebratory traditions, activities and costumes.   See also: Op-ed: Halloween parties wrong for elementaries See also: Natalie’s column: Clowns fail to ruin Halloween   Visit Our Sponsors