Business student to attend Indiana University

“Quinton (Nehring) is the type of person who lights up a room when he enters. He is driven, competitive, smart, kind, patient, humble, respectful and a leader. He constantly goes out of his way to learn and improve his craft. He has demonstrated this drive in sports, academics and his pursuit of his future,” DECA advisor, former Marketing teacher and current WG Thrive Entrepreneurship Incubator Program Director Kara Siebe said. 

Students share ways to de-stress in quarantine

With almost the whole country trapped at home, excepting essential workers, people can become stressed or overwhelmed with uncertainty and fear of the spread of the coronavirus. Staying positive and healthy in a time like this is very important, especially if stuck inside all day.

Self isolation can affect mental health

According to Jud Brewer, MD, Ph.D., “Social contact is a fundamental human need. We suffer both mentally and physically without it.” 
Now, what was unfathomable weeks ago, when the country was watching videos about how to wash hands more effectively, has become reality; living in isolation. 

Students, staff discuss online learning

Whether they were tech savvy or not, teachers and students alike were going to have to adjust to this new way of learning. While teachers were given some two weeks to switch their curriculum over to online, Webster Groves High School tried to make sure each student had internet access and a device of some sort. 

School-related trips cancelled due to COVID-19 worries

COVID-19 has affected the lives of nearly everyone in the world to a great extent. Stipulations of isolation, social distancing and only travelling if it is absolutely essential has meant the cancellation of many planned trips. For Webster, this meant the cancellation of Spring Break trips and summer trips.