Youth express opinions on election results

This election, much like 2016’s, has had very high tensions between both sides. Throughout Donald Trump’s current presidency, the sides have grown to seem as if the divide between Democrats and Republicans is at an all time high. “Under Trump, Democrats and Republicans have never been more divided- on everything,” one Washington Post headline said. 

Alumna returns to work in Chelsea Center, a cappella

Chandler Turner, new assistant for the Chelsea Center and co-director for the a capella, is a class of 2014 WGHS graduate. 
“I wanted to do my part to help in a capella since being a part of that group had such a huge impact on my time here. The Chelsea Center was just the cherry on top, as I get to help even more students reach their potential in a creative way,” Turner said.

Halloween safety faces new challenges

Halloween 2020 is most likely going to pose unique challenges for trick-or-treaters. During the lockdown caused by COVID-19, it seems that Halloween celebrations may conflict with the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Voices of Webster: Covid changes Halloween celebrations

Despite Covid-19,Missouri, among other states, has announced Halloween will not be canceled, leading citizens to wonder what Halloween will look like.
After months of Covid-19 restrictions, it seemed as if Halloween was a holiday that wouldn’t be occurring this year due to the fact that it is such a high contact holiday, but Halloween will ultimately be occurring. Because of this, children and teens everywhere are planning costumes to wear this year, as well as activities that will be safe and socially distanced.

Neighborhoods make Halloween plans

Halloween in Covid time seems to be a time where people decide with their neighbors a routine. Going around to random people’s houses for candy is a lot of contact and against safety recommendations with regards to Covid.

Mothers offer insight into Halloween creativity

There’s no need to settle for the high-priced costumes when buying the perfect masterpiece. Halloween is one of the holidays people try to show up the next person with the “better” costume. Some people spend the least on a costume, but the costume looks store-bought. 

Students, teachers adjust to Canvas

School during the year of 2020-2021 will be a unique one to say the least. At Webster Groves High School, the school board created a plan for students that they saw best fit the circumstances. Not only did it adopt a block schedule rather than a drop, but it switched over from Google Classroom to Canvas. 

Math/science teacher joins Webster Groves High School

Kevin Kovarik was hired over the summer to help teach math and science online.
Kovarik who is on his fourth year of teaching. Kovarik is very into learning new things and likes to implement them into his teaching style. About his move from Duchesne High School he said he still has a love for Duchesne, but has moved to Webster for many factors like where Kovarik and his family live and the position opening up. 

Voices of Webster: New teacher wants students to change future

Quentin Alimayu is a new social studies teacher this year, but it is not his first time working in the building. 

Alimayu completed his student teaching at Webster Groves High School in 2013. He wanted to return to Webster because “people are genuine here.”

Alimayu wants to contribute to this genuine environment. “I like to create an atmosphere of positivity, but I also understand that you can’t make everyone happy,” Alimayu said.

Business student to attend Indiana University

“Quinton (Nehring) is the type of person who lights up a room when he enters. He is driven, competitive, smart, kind, patient, humble, respectful and a leader. He constantly goes out of his way to learn and improve his craft. He has demonstrated this drive in sports, academics and his pursuit of his future,” DECA advisor, former Marketing teacher and current WG Thrive Entrepreneurship Incubator Program Director Kara Siebe said.