About the ECHO

2019-20 ECHO Staff

Editor-in-Chief–Elise Keller
Junior Editor–Jaden Fields
Print Editor–Lindsey Bennett
Business/ Ads Mg–Zora Thomas
Social Media Editor/ Graphics Editor–Zeke LaMantia
Video Editor–Ethan Weihl
Podcast Editor–Maeve Taylor
News/ Opinion Editor–Elise Wilke-Grimm
Feature Editor/ Entertainment Editor–Emily Stisser

     Emily Stisser—Entertainment
     Jaden Fields—Sports

     Elise Keller

Advisor–Donald Johnson

The ECHO is a monthly publication of the newspaper staff of Webster Groves High School, 100 Selma Avenue, Webster Groves, MO.   To contact staff members, call 314-963-6400 ex. 11157.

Unsigned editorials are the opinion of a majority of staff members; signed articles are the opinion of the writer.

Letters to the editor of 300 words or less are welcome; submit letters by the 10th of the month to wgecho@wgmail.org, Donald Johnson’s box in the school office or room 155. All letters must be signed, although the name will be withheld from publication if requested. The ECHO has the right to edit letters for publication as long as intent remains unchanged.

The ECHO is a member of JournalismSTL, Quill and Scroll, MJEA, JEA, CSPA, MIPA and NSPA.


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