Teens rally at Planned Parenthood

Teens for Choice STL organized a rally at Planned Parenthood in Forest Park to show support for the services it provides.
People of all ages, genders, sexualities and religions came with signs and stood along the road, cheering when cars honked in approval.

Students create meaningful change with putt putt event

“So every single year, Marketing does these different events to raise money to go to New York. This year we’re not going to New York, so we all picked a different charity to do. There’s different events every year like Mx. Webster [and] Night in the Courtyard, but my group wanted to create something new,” senior Jenna Clark said.

Social studies department honor veterans

The social studies department will continue to observe Veterans Day with an assembly Friday, Nov. 12, with about 50 veterans participating.
The ceremony will be in Roberts Gym and will only be attended by social studies classes during first hour. During the remainder of the day veterans will follow the social studies teacher’s class schedule.

Student council holds elections

STUCO elections took place Friday, April 9. Students voted via a Google Form sent over email.
STUCO elections were moved from March 31, to April 2, and then to April 9, to allow students who are running more time to campaign instead of having to work around spring break.