Editorial: Cross-subject learning should be promoted

Honors U.S. Studies is a two-hour class for juniors that combines AP English Language with AP U.S. Studies. The class is known simply as “the block class” and is taught by English teacher Kristin Moore and history teacher Joshua Luparell.
Although the block class has a reputation as being one of the hardest classes offered at the high school, its benefits far outweigh any grade earned or score received on a test.

Editorial: Is Roberts Rowdies sexist?

This year’s men’s basketball season stands as one of the biggest successes in Webster basketball history, backed by one of Webster’s biggest student sections from the stands. Roberts Rowdies is definitely the most exciting, organized and enthusiastic student section Robert’s… Read More ›

Amendment 3 hurts education

Teacher salaries aren’t often on the mind of the average student. Teachers teach; we learn; they get paid, but an amendment on the Missouri Constitution brings attention to the way teachers will be paid. Teacher salaries are currently based on… Read More ›