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Print Version: WG ECHO October 2016 Issue

This is the second issue of the 102nd year of the ECHO. Contents include Camp Wyman, the election, clowns, Caleb Bolin’s presidential endorsement, Willie’s Comic, men’s swimming, volleyball, cross country, escape rooms, astrology, Friendship Dance, emerald ash borers, the “gingerbread… Read More ›

Print Version: WG ECHO October 2015 Issue

This is the second issue of the 2015-16 school year. Topics include fantasy football, activism, political authenticity, lockdowns, Friendship Dance, sportsmanship, Hannah Leatherbarrow in “Hamlet,” hairbuns, a history teacher’s use of conspiracy theories, a sophomore athlete in the Futures program,… Read More ›

Print version: ECHO April 2015 issue

This is ECHO’s eighth issue of its 100th year. Stories include prom, student privacy, Props S and W, Dr. Sarah Riss’s retirement, women’s soccer, student council officers, sophomore Meredith Loui, track team and Disney princesses.

Print Version: WG ECHO March 2015

This is the seventh publication of the ECHO’s 100th year. See inside: ECHO celebrates it anniversary, Women’s History Month Showcase, follow up on the car crash that injured Emma Casey, profile of Coach James Lemay, Alliance for Interracial Integrity, men’s… Read More ›

Print Version: WG ECHO January 2015

This is ECHO’s fifth issue of its 100th year. Stories include the how to survive the zombie apocalypse at WGHS, cell phones in class, the State Thespian Conference, hip-hop artists at the high school, Emma Casey, women’s swimming, men’s basketball, sports injuries,… Read More ›

ECHO November 2014 issue

This is ECHO’s third issue of its 100th year. Stories include the soccer team’s state championship, the Veteran’s Day activities, “Big Hero 6,” bathrooms, the Varsity football game against Ladue, Mr. Webster and women’s empowerment.

ECHO October 2014 issue

This is ECHO’s second issue of its 100th year. Stories include reviews of “Dracula:Untold” and “Maze Runner,” the fall sports wrapup, information about Amendment 3 and an article about the storm watching seminar.

September 2014 ECHO Issue

This the first ever ECHO Publication made online for viewing; it is the first issue of the 100th volume, featuring stories on the Ferguson riots, Alaina Bickhaus and the Jazz & Blues Festival.