Junior Journalists

Editor visits with journalism campers

Webster-Kirkwood Times Editor Don Corrigan came to talk to the ECHO Journalism camp about squirrels. He talked on the prominence of squirrels in the media, stating that he thinks that it is saturated with squirrels, as is the thesis of “Nuts About Squirrels.”

Junior journalists explore photography

Twenty junior journalists attending the Echo’s summer journalism camp on July 24-25, were asked to take photos using rule of thirds, interesting angles and perspectives, and a variety of photographic elements.  Here are some of their photos.

Writer opens up to journalism campers

By Michael Blessing, Rachel Brenne, Caroline Cromwell, Ella Elias, Natalie Felgenhauer, Amalia Garcia-Montague, Joe Harned, Mike Li, Ethan Sanders, Nina Thompson and Sydney Thorton with guidance from Aerin Johnson and Andy Kimball Entertainment Columnist Abby Botan spoke to journalism campers… Read More ›