Editor visits with journalism campers

Connor Ledbetter, Luke Mcllhaney, Matthew Stohldrier, Alex Stohldrier, Phoebe Dunn, Mia Harouff
Junior Journalists

Webster-Kirkwood Times editor-in-chief Don Corrigan signs copies of his book “Nuts about Squirrels” for participants in Echo’s summer journalism camp July 25. Photo by Trey Benton

Webster-Kirkwood Times Editor Don Corrigan came to talk to the ECHO Journalism camp about squirrels.

He talked on the prominence of squirrels in the media, stating that he thinks that it is saturated with squirrels, as is the thesis of “Nuts About Squirrels.”

“People go crazy about squirrels,” Corrigan said. The inspiration for his book comes from the responses he received from some of his articles focusing on squirrels in the past. He has noticed that people are very divided on the topic of squirrels, equally loved and hated by the public for their destructive tendencies.

From “Rocky and Bullwinkle” to “Squirrel Girl” to “Rally Squirrel,” there is no shortage of famous squirrels in popular culture.

There are even towns known for their types of squirrels, with statues erected in their honor, such as the fully white albino squirrels of Olney, Illinois. Squirrels  have even graced the silver screen, such as in the 2014 feature film “Nut Job.”

While, when looking at the history of media mentions of squirrels, it seems obvious that they are somewhat iconographic within our culture, most of this seems to have gone unnoticed. Other rodent figures, such as Mickey Mouse, are typically consider more famous.

Overall, Corrigan said, “Squirrels need more attention.”

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