Voices of Webster: Students share feelings about returning to in-person instruction

Responsive freshmen and new students returned to in-person instruction Thursday, Nov. 12, and all responsive students returned today, Friday, Nov. 13.  
Students were divided by alphabet so that half attend four morning classes of 40 minutes a piece, and the other half attend four afternoon classes of 40 minutes a piece. 
Podcast editor Lydia Urice interviews students about the return to in-person classes. 

Voices of Webster: Covid changes Halloween celebrations

Despite Covid-19,Missouri, among other states, has announced Halloween will not be canceled, leading citizens to wonder what Halloween will look like.
After months of Covid-19 restrictions, it seemed as if Halloween was a holiday that wouldn’t be occurring this year due to the fact that it is such a high contact holiday, but Halloween will ultimately be occurring. Because of this, children and teens everywhere are planning costumes to wear this year, as well as activities that will be safe and socially distanced.

Voices of Webster: New teacher wants students to change future

Quentin Alimayu is a new social studies teacher this year, but it is not his first time working in the building. 

Alimayu completed his student teaching at Webster Groves High School in 2013. He wanted to return to Webster because “people are genuine here.”

Alimayu wants to contribute to this genuine environment. “I like to create an atmosphere of positivity, but I also understand that you can’t make everyone happy,” Alimayu said.