Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: Junior competes in high jump

Junior Eliza Maupin competes in the high jump, one of the events that members of Varsity Men’s and Women’s Track and Field participated in at the WG Quad Invitational of 2021 on Friday, April 16, on Moss Field. The Invitational included other events such as javelin throwing and the mile run. The next event for Men’s and Women’s Varsity T&F is Saturday, April 24, at MICDS. Photos by Jaden Fields

Photo of the Week: Drama department presents ‘Glass Menagerie’

WG Drama Department presents “The Glass Menagerie” previewed Wednesday, April 7, in the the auditorium. Junior Ava Musgraves as Laura converses with sophomore Ian McCann as Jim.  The show will be Thursday, April 8,- Saturday, April 10, at 7 p. m. and tickets can be purchased through this box office phone number, (314) 918- 4646. Photo by Zeke La Mantia

Photo of the Week: First real snowfall raises spirits

Snowfall on Wednesday, Jan. 29, made for some peaceful and picturesque scenes. Several people have expressed that snow was one of the things they looked forward to for raising spirits. Social studies teacher Alison Bryar said, “I look forward to our first real snow of the season. My puppy has not seen snow yet. I can’t wait to see her romp around in it!” Photo by Lydia Urice

Photo of the Week: Homemade masks express creativity

Junior Amelia Dorsey wears a homemade mask to her volleyball game. She has been making masks since the beginning of the pandemic, and she has used them as a way to express her creative side. “Another reason I made masks was because I don’t have a job, so making masks for people was a way to make money,” Dorsey said.  Photo by Maren DeMargel

Photo of the Week: Volleyball players begin pre-season

Junior Chloe Kathrinus and sophomores Robyn Foley, Savannah Haney and Eleanor Kanerva obey social distancing guidelines while waiting for preseason volleyball practice to begin. The program has begun meeting again after a brief hiatus from late July to early August due to Covid-19 restrictions. Foley said, “I’m really excited to be back, but I wish we could play normally.” Photo by Maren DeMargel