Will ‘Harry’s House’ be soundtrack of summer?

“In this world, it’s just us / You know it’s not the same as it was,” Harry Styles sings in his “Harry’s House” lead single, “As It Was.”

Released on April 1, this powerful, vulnerable, and incredibly dance-able tune foreshadows what promises to be a unique third album for Styles.

Acceptance pressure transforms admissions process

The college admissions cheating scandal, progressively lowered acceptance rates and thousands of dollars spent on private test tutoring and college consulting are just a few effects of the extreme college admittance pressure students face today. When will the increasing standard of severity regarding the college process end?

After College, Parks will get off at bus stop in D.C.

I joined the staff of the WG Echo in my sophomore year of high school. I was going through some things. I was struggling to figure out who I was; I was lost in a sea of confusion. I was incredibly soft spoken, I didn’t want to talk up in class, or defend myself, and I let people treat me as if I was trash.

Ellie’s Expression: Teen dating violence epidemic needs to end

With Valentine’s Day in our recent past, love is in the air. It’s hard to escape the sappy ballads, cheesy rom-coms, and couple pictures on Instagram during February.With all the good, it is easy to overlook the ugly truth of relationships: according to VAWnet.org, “One in three teens will experience physical or sexual violence in their relationships.”