Review: St. Louis is home to plethora of brunch restaurants

Emily Goben
News/Opinion Editor

Rooster South Grand offers many modifications for its pancakes and French toast, like Nutella. Photo by Emily Goben

St. Louis is home to numerous amazing brunch restaurants.

In this review, each restaurant will be ranked on a simplistic scale of one to five stars. Stars are direct and easy to understand. Stars will be assigned based on the taste and presentation of the food, the service, the atmosphere of the restaurant and the pricing. 

Boardwalk Cafe in Webster Groves is known for good food at great prices. Its sizable menu offers a variety of options, it all seems to be delicious. Any of their omelets can be ordered as a breakfast burrito and served with hashbrowns. The portion sizes were very large, and most of the dishes could probably be shared or leftovers could be taken home. 

Boardwalk’s pancakes have received raving reviews and they deserve all the compliments they have received. 

Boardwalk has a diner-like atmosphere and feels very comfortable and casual. The servers were very friendly and the service was quick. While the food may not be the prettiest, what it lacks in presentation, it makes up for in taste. Overall, Boardwalk Cafe deserves four stars. 

The Bellwether, a contemporary restaurant near Lafayette Square Park, was also highly recommended. Just the building itself encapsulates the cool energy of The Bellwether. The restaurant is located on the third floor of a building that also houses a rock climbing gym on the first floor, and from the windows near the bar, there is a clear view of the Arch. The Bellwether has a bright, cute atmosphere that is perfect for brunch. 

The Bellwether has a variety of brunch options for fans of both sweet and savory, and its specialties are where they really stand out. The bacon fried rice and blueberry waffle surpassed all of my expectations. The blueberry waffle is served with a lemon curd that perfectly complements the sweetness of the waffle and the bacon fried rice is one of the most creative breakfast dishes in St. Louis. 

While The Bellwether is pricier than alternatives like Boardwalk, it is definitely worth every penny. The employees were friendly, accommodating, and attentive. 

The Bellwether gets a four and a half star rating. 

And now, for the only restaurant that has truly earned a five star rating. 

Rooster South Grand is a trendy restaurant with wonderful food and even better service. Every employee was friendly, helpful, and seemed happy to be working there. The wait time was perfectly estimated, and the heated patio that patrons were able to wait in was a nice accommodation. 

The cinnamon pull was amazing and was ready very quickly. It was the perfect balance of cinnamon, dough, and icing. The pancakes and French toast are offered with a variety of modifications like Nutella, strawberries, or apple pie.


Emily Goben – News/Opinion Editor

This will be Emily Goben’s first year on ECHO staff, but she made several contributions while taking journalism class her sophomore year.

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