Detention fails to meet expectations

I’ll admit I’ve never been great with time management. For six consecutive years my dad gave me a watch for my birthday, hoping I would learn to better manage my time. What he kept forgetting is that I’m also incredibly disorganized, so I was not only still consistently late, but also consistently losing watches.

Op-ed: Schools should make astronomy mandatory

Isabella Ferrell Contributing Writer                                     Astronomy has been a part of the human culture dating back to the ancient civilizations. It is the only branch of science that incorporates chemistry, biology, physics, math and language arts. At Webster Groves High School… Read More ›

America needs better gun control

Josie Krueger Entertainment Columnist According to Wikipedia, a school shooting is defined as “an attack at an educational institution, such as a school or university, involving the use of a firearm(s).” There were 67 school shootings in 2017 in which… Read More ›

Op-Ed: Seniors learn to teach sex-ed to peers

Natalie Johnson  Graphics Editor Webster’s sexual education program is exclusive to heterosexuality. LGBTQ identifying students do not receive sexual education through school. Seniors Patrick Schranck, Jane Benkelman and Annie Buck, leaders in the Feminist Coalition, are participating in the Peer-to-Peer… Read More ›

Op-ed: Graffiti is art

Rosa Parks Contributing Writer Sprayed on the cobblestone bricks in downtown Saint Louis and drawn on the white walls of WGHS’s walls is graffiti. Graffiti is everywhere in Webster Groves: it’s under the bridges, and it’s on sides of buildings…. Read More ›