Op-Ed: Graduation ceremony should have had more student input

Kimmy Dang
Contributing Writer

Superintendent John Simpson told the Webster-Kirkwood Times that the graduation ceremony on Friday, May 14, this year will be identical to last year’s in order to fit COVID-19 regulations.

Simpson suggested other potential modifications might include having graduates released in waves and spread out in different locations and times to pick their diplomas.

What would have been a better proposal was to allow students to decide whether they’d like to attend the graduation ceremony by posting a survey. This would accommodate graduating seniors who aren’t comfortable with attending a large social gathering and lessen the pressure of being forced to attend.

Senior Zoe Reese agreed to having the graduation ceremony held the same way as last year.

“I agree more with the first option. It will give a moment of normalcy while also keeping the students and staff safe. I just hope they actually make sure that we’re properly socially distanced,” Reese said..

Reese added the alternative option was, “ a lot better than the first option,” but also understood how, “…it takes the experience away from ‘normal’ graduation, and I know there’s a lot of kids that would want that experience,” Reese said..

Senior Ethan Yoakum agreed to the second option.

“Call me paranoid, but I don’t think two-four hours of sitting down just for a placebo piece of paper is worth it,” Yoakum said..

“I think the idea of bringing students in waves is less dangerous than bringing the whole student body, and there’s slightly less of a risk for covid cases,” Yoakum said.

Although it has been predetermined that graduation would be held identically to last year’s, there isn’t a complete consensus to it.

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