Op-ed: St. Louis county, schools end mask mandate

Riley Fitzgerald
Contributing Writer

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Junior Amelia Dorsey wears a homemade mask to her volleyball game. She has been making masks since the beginning of the pandemic, and she has used them as a way to express her creative side. “Another reason I made masks was because I don’t have a job, so making masks for people was a way to make money,” Dorsey said. Photo by Maren DeMargel

County executive Sam Page announced in a Wednesday press conference that the county’s mask mandate for public indoor spaces will end Monday, Feb. 28, and WGHS went mask recommended March 7.

Since the surge of the Omicron variant throughout January case numbers and hospitalization has gone down. People who are not vaccinated and are at high risk are advised to continue wearing masks in public spaces. Public health epidemiologist Rob Fitzgerald of Washington University thinks as long as cases stay down and the unvaccinated continue to mask it should be fine.

According to the Center of Disease Control website, “People may choose to mask at any time. People with symptoms, a positive test or exposure to someone with COVID-19 should wear a mask.”

St. Louis county is at a medium level with community cases. If people continue to be responsible during these times and take the right measures in preventing the spread of the virus, the community could get to an even better place much quicker.

It is very important in the school environment to keep everyone safe and be respectful and responsible when it comes to individual health and the health of the community. Students who feel uncomfortable without a mask should be able to easily continue wearing one and those who are comfortable taking them off should still be taking necessary precautions.

The unvaccinated, exposed, symptomatic and high risk students should keep masks on to help lower the spread of the COVID-19.

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