Op-Ed: Seniors learn to teach sex-ed to peers

Natalie Johnson  Graphics Editor Webster’s sexual education program is exclusive to heterosexuality. LGBTQ identifying students do not receive sexual education through school. Seniors Patrick Schranck, Jane Benkelman and Annie Buck, leaders in the Feminist Coalition, are participating in the Peer-to-Peer… Read More ›

Op-ed: Graffiti is art

Rosa Parks Contributing Writer Sprayed on the cobblestone bricks in downtown Saint Louis and drawn on the white walls of WGHS’s walls is graffiti. Graffiti is everywhere in Webster Groves: it’s under the bridges, and it’s on sides of buildings…. Read More ›

EOCs are nuisance but important

Nathan Epps Contributing Writer Every year, nearly 70,000 Missouri students take the standardized End of Course exams, which test their learning capabilities and the strength of their schools’ curriculum. The test results are used to determine how well each school… Read More ›

Town rebuilds after tragedy

Irene Ryan Entertainment Editor Even with St. Louis’ close proximity to Ferguson, it’s easy to get a media-warped view of the city. Visiting during the day, I expected the city to be littered with the remnants of protests and looting.  That… Read More ›