Op-Ed: St. Louis enjoys Halloween joke tradition

Izzy Poole
Contributing Writer

Pre-school trick or treaters haunt the high school’s halls on Oct. 20 2014. Photo from ECHO archives

St. Louis is one of the only cities that still tells jokes on Halloween, but some Iowan cities like Des Moines and Ames tell jokes too, according to the Daily News.

Telling jokes to get candy is most of the time considered weird in other cities or by people who aren’t from St. Louis. Most people from St. Louis enjoy telling jokes on Halloween night to get their candy.

Some people won’t let children get their candy until they have told a joke. Not allowing the children to get candy without a joke could be seen as a little over the top. Some children don’t come prepared with a joke, and when people say they may not get candy without one scares them.

Hearing children tell their jokes is funny whether they are good ones or not. Even when they mess up their jokes, the performance is still funny. Another funny thing is when children tell jokes that go right over their heads, but the adults can enjoy.

Lots of the Children make their jokes Halloween themed. Children also theme their jokes to their costumes sometimes, an example of this is a child dressed up as Iron Man going around and telling the joke, “What is Iron Man’s favorite drink…Fruit Punch.” Sometimes they even make up their own jokes which don’t always make the most sense, but that is what makes it funny.

Another fun thing that some children do for candy is a trick. Children also do the splits or a cartwheel for their candy, which is also very entertaining to watch.


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