Op-ed: Greta Thungberg speaks up about reality of future

Cory DeWald
Contributing Writer

Senior Patrick Lee getting the crowd riled up to start chanting “Stand up fight back” for the protest for climate change on Sept. 20. Photo credit Elise Wilke-Grimm

People have been talking about Greta Thungberg and her statement about climate change. She spoke at the conference in Washington about climate change. She spoke in front of many world leaders and people who talk/deal with climate change. 

Thungberg was not afraid to speak her mind, even though she is told that students can’t  “You are not mature enough to tell it like is,” and she did tell it how it was. Take into mind Thunberg was only 15 years old when she said this, but she is 17 now. 

Thunberg is a good example for future generations and Generation Z, because she stands up for what she believes in, and she does something about those beliefs instead of just reading about climate change and not doing anything about it. She is trying to get people’s attention. 

People have dismissed Thunberg because they say she’s too young to know about climate change and pollution and deforestation, and a part of it is that she has Asperger’s, which is a condition that makes her think differently. It also makes her feel intense emotions, so when she heard about climate change she had to do something. She also says that Asperger’s is her super power. 

That’s not right that people are dismissing her,  she did her research, and she didn’t stop there. she wants to minimize her carbon footprint by not using a car or any other gas powered vehicle. Thunberg got TIME magazine person of the year in 2019. She was the youngest person to get this award. 

People need to start listening to the younger generation because they have good things to say, and they are usually the most blunt about it, they don’t sugar coat it. People also have to “wake up” and see that the world is falling apart, climate change is really bad and there is so much trash in the ocean the great Pacific garbage patch  is now twice the size of Texas. Stop using so much plastic there are many alternatives. 

This became a “problem” when Thungberg went to a conference in Washington. She lives in Sweden. People should  know their geography because she had to cross water without using a car or gas powered boat. She hopped on a sail boat and headed to Washington. This trip is 4,114 miles. 

Last year on Sept. 20, students all over the world protested to raise awareness for climate change and to make a point that they care about the environment. All the protesters that walked out of class that day. It was all because of Thunberg that students walked out.

Students skipped a class so they got a detention, if people did walk out, they understood what the consequences where, and when teachers handed the detention slips students that walked out all had a sense of pride. 


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