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Zora Thomas
Business Manager

Senior Chloe Darst gets food at the 2018 senior breakfast. This year’s senior breakfast is canceled due to the school closings, but thanks to technology, STUCO elections are still going on.  Photo by Caroline Fellows

Even though the coronacation is in full effect, all STUCO members are still trying their best to continue to uplift spirits and encourage Statesman positivity through social media and the use of technology. 

Lauren Maedge, FACS teacher and STUCO sponsor, has been updating council members through Google Classroom.

Maedge said, “The distance learning sure has changed a lot of our plans this year. We are sad that we will have to cancel events like the senior breakfast and the end of the year banquet…Next week we will have a virtual spirit week and we are trying to stay connected via our Instagram account.”

Technology has been a great help for STUCO to continue throughout this break. It used Instagram to encourage the hashtag “staying Statesman” to showcase how students are keeping a positive attitude during their online learning. STUCO had its first ZOOM meeting on April 1, to discuss and make more plans for the future. Members plan on doing more meetings throughout this break.

Maedge said, “Yesterday we hosted our first virtual STUCO meeting. We had 39 students in attendance. It went very well, and we will continue to do the meetings each week.”

One of the events that had to be delayed due to the extended spring break, was the Student Council Officer elections for 2020-2021.

Members running are junior Sarah Ahrens for president, junior Caroline Gillow and sophomore Isabella Ferrell for vice president, sophomore Scarlett Patton for secretary, sophomore Gabriella Ramirez and sophomore Sydney Harp for treasurer, and sophomore Hannah Heimann for historian.

The candidates were able to submit a video of them presenting their speeches in a Google slideshow, which was viewable by all STUCO members. Most speeches discussed why each person wanted to run for the job they chose, traits that they have that will help them contribute more to bettering STUCO (and WGHS) and how they plan on making sure each students’ opinions can and will be heard.

STUCO members will be able to vote for their chosen electees through a Google form, starting April 1. The deadline ends on April 3, at 3 p.m.

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Zora Thomas – Business Manager 

This is Zora Thomas’ first year on with Echo publications. She enjoys being involved with the school, and is looking forward to the rest of the year.


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