Junior Journalists: 5 attend ECHO camp

Four elementary school students attended the 2018 ECHO journalism camp July 12 and 13.

One of the first exercises was for campers to interview each other.  Here are their stories.

Junior journalist enjoys music
Camille Kennerly

Seth Kremer likes playing musical instruments. Photo by Camille Kennerly

Seth Kremer, 10 years old, plays many instruments, such as the piano, xylophone, violin, and organ. However, his favorite instrument to play is the viola.

He takes lessons once a week, usually at Bristol Elementary School. In third grade his teacher was Ms. Hershey and she gave him chocolate.

He practices daily, and can play “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, “Lightly Row”, and “Can-Can”.



Tucker practices writing at Journalism Camp
Connor Ledbetter

Corinn Tucker enjoys writing at ECHO Journalism Camp. Photo by Connor Ledbetter

Corinn Tucker hopes to improve her writing skills by attending journalism camp at Webster Groves High School. She wants to write chapter books when she grows up.

Tucker’s favorite TV show is “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” a Netflix exclusive based on the popular book series of the same name. In addition, she likes to visit Six Flags theme parks, particularly the Pandemonium ride, as well the polar bear exhibit at the St. Louis Zoo and visiting the Arch.

Tucker also enjoys travel, and her favorite travel destination is Mexico.


Film, golf enthusiast sets goal to be writer
Corinn Tucker

Connor Ledbetter enjoys movies. Photo is by Corinn Tucker

When Connor Ledbetter grows up, he wants to be a writer. He also wants to be a teacher.    

His favorite sport is golf. He plays golf with his dad. Ledbetter liked golfing at tower tee.

Ledbetter loves the movie “Jurassic World.” His favorite movie is “Jurassic World.” He’s seen all of the Jurassic World movies. He knows lots about the movie.

His favorite sport is golf. He plays golf with his dad. Ledbetter liked golfing at tower tee. When Connor Ledbetter grows up he wants to be a writer. He also wants to be a teacher.

Fourth grader shows imagination
Hollye Anne Brinkley

Photo by Hollye Anne Brinkley
Camille Kennerly enjoys reading and creating comics.

Camille Kennerly loves to build away by making forts out of cardboard boxes, blankets, and stools. She does this because it help her express herself.

“I like to imagine I am a knight in a castle,” Camille says.

In addition she makes costumes to help her imagination soar. Her favorite costume that she has made is a Darth Vader like helmet, shield, and sword made out of cardboard. She has also made costume gloves out of cardboard.

Camille also likes to create her own comic books. Her favorite is about Ketchup Man and Mustard Boy and their adventure fighting Dr. Potato Chip. Camille describes it as a superhero story but with food. Nine-year-old Camille has made 20 comic books in her lifetime, inspired by other little kid comics books she read in preschool.

One of her comic books was created on the 10 hour flight she took with her family to Hawaii. Once she arrived at the hotel she discovered that there were parrots that she could hold on her head and arms. Camille said that her favorite part of the whole trip was when they went into a submarine towards the bottom of the sea, once at the bottom they saw Eagle Rays which were stingrays with different shaped heads.

Camille’s adventures will keep on coming because of her adventurous spirit and her soaring imagination.

Junior Journalist shares soccer interest
Seth Kremer

Hollye Anne Brinkley likes running and has participated in five 5K runs. Photo by Seth Kremer

Hollye Anne Brinkley talked about liking soccer. She said her mother and father liked soccer. Her father even broke a record for having a three second kickoff.

Hollye explained she practices twice a week, plays a game every weekend, and competes in a tournament once a month. She is also very fast, and she has won lots of stuff.  She has ran at the local Jim Schoemehl run. She has even taken first place at a 5K race in Arkansas.

Her grandparents have a lake house in Arkansas that she likes very much. When she is in Arkansas, she goes water-skiing with her family.




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