Activist to continue throwing career at UMKC

Natalie Johnson
Social Media Manager

Senior Jamie Tabron participates in the Black Lives Matter protest at Webster Groves High School on Sept. 18.
Photo by Natalie Johnson

Hunting for one of the last open spots in the Robert’s Gym parking lot, senior Jamie Tabron’s long day at WGHS begins at 7:53 a.m.

“I try my hardest to get to school on time,” joked Tabron, giving a run-through of her average jam-packed week.

Her dedication to not only her personal success but the success of her community and school is demonstrated through the countless hours Tabron has spent at the track, on the jazz risers, leading the step team in the Commons, involved in Webster Challenge and participating in the classroom.

Simone Cunningham, an Academic Lab teacher who worked with Tabron on step and in Webster Challenge, described Tabron as, “warm, assertive and also inspiring.”

Tabron said high school got overwhelming at points because she was so involved, but “you get what you put into WGHS.”
Due to her activities, Tabron feels she has missed out on opportunities to advocate for social justice outside of school, so she seeks opportunities at school.

“I speak what I feel; I speak my opinion…. I speak facts,” said Tabron, aware of her reputation of “calling it as it is” and “saying what everyone else is thinking” in the classroom.

Tabron also took the initiative to transform the Step Team as a way to “give a voice to the black community at Webster” with the goal of “making a statement through stepping.”

Tabron decided to “take it more seriously, especially with the heightened political and social issues in society and at school.”

“She helped them show what they have through art and dance,” Cunningham said, reflecting on Tabron’s leadership role.
Tabron will continue her throwing career at the University of Missouri-Kansas City next year, and is thinking of majoring in biomedical engineering.

Cunningham said she can see Tabron “changing the world, creating opportunities for people to life their lives to their fullest potential.”


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