Halloween activities adapt to COVID concerns

Layla Johnson
Feature/Entertainment Editor

Walterman_Trick or Treat 2014
Over 30 trick-or-treaters from Diane Stromberg’s pre-school class ventured in pursuit of goodies around the high school during third period on Oct. 30, 2014. This year people are adapting their activities in response to COVID. Photo by Bret Waelterman

Community members are asking, “Is it safe to go trick or treating this year?”

Nurse Rachel Huertas said that for people who are vaccinated it’s most likely safe to go trick or treating.

Huertas said about trick or treating this year that she is also taking her child trick or treating, but that safe measures and precaution should be observed while going out on Halloween as any other day.

“As long as a mask is incorporated into the costume and you’re still socially distant, everything should still be good. The same goes for people who were to throw a get together as long as there’s not too many people, and we are staying safe with protocol. Just because we have to be safe doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun,” Huertas said.

Also for safer activities older revelers are doing small friendly get togethers and hangouts, having small groups of people to do fun activities in non crowded not so small areas.

According to CNN, some tips for ensuring safety are to always wash hands and to sanitize the home and living areas.

Huertas also advised that people should avoid big crowds to keep themselves and loved ones safe.

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Layla Johnson – Feature/Entertainment Editor

This will be Layla Johnson’s first year on ECHO staff, but she made several contributions while taking journalism class her junior year.

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