Ava’s Anecdotes: What Halloween movie to watch based on your zodiac sign

Ava Musgraves
Print Editor

Personally, “spooky season,” otherwise known as October, is my favorite season.

To commemorate and celebrate October, many enjoy Halloween or fall themed films. These films range from horror slasher to fluffy hallmark fall romance. It can be overwhelming trying to sit down and pick one, so fret no more: I have thoroughly examined what Halloween themed movie to watch based on the zodiac signs.

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Capricorns are the responsible friend with a strong moral compass who loves to solve problems. “Ghostbusters” is the perfect watch for Capricorn’s as a team of scientists works to save New York City from the looming threat of ghosts, it will definitely fulfill the need to problem solve.

Aquarius’ are the archetypal outcast, not unpopular but strive to be the “quirky friend.” The Halloween movie that dares to be different is the “Nightmare Before Christmas.” A classic Tim Burton stop motion film incorporates every holiday all into one movie, but in my opinion features Halloween.

Pisces are considered dreamy, sensitive, and go with the flow. The “Halloweentown” series is exactly what a Pisces needs this October as it follows Marnie, a teen torn between her normal life and her life as a witch in “Halloweentown” where it is always Halloween. Her personality obviously has to emulate her two very different lifestyles, similar to the traits of a Pisces.

Aries are direct, competitive, and can be a bit of a hothead at times. “The Shining” will instill a thrill in Aries as they watch Wendy, determined (like that of an Aries), to keep herself and her son safe from their deranged husband and father, Jack, all in the setting of a creepy snowed-in hotel. The film style and ambience will be in tune with Aries’ need for constant twists and turns.

Taurus enjoys stability, they are the logical and grounded friend who would pick a consistent routine with a checklist over a spontaneous lifestyle. A classic, “It’s a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” brings the familiar comfort Taurus craves as they probably watch it every year and tradition brings them joy. A slash thriller would not go over as well with Taurus as they are not an adrenaline junkie.

Geminis are funny, analytical but also filled with a childlike wonder that leaves them always asking question after question. They are a versatile friend, they can make friends with the cashier at the grocery store. This makes “Casper” a perfect fit for Gemini as it follows a story of a teen girl who makes friends with a friendly ghost. While not everyone would automatically befriend a ghost, Gemini totally would.

Cancers are very in touch with their emotions, and don’t like change. They find comfort in things they can control and hate what is out of it. My pick for Cancer is “Spooky Buddies,” a film from the series “Air Buddies,” which follows a group of puppy friends as they work together to save the world from a new warlock threatening them. A more kid-friendly film is a more heartwarming pick for Cancer than a horror flick, as the fear they can instill, a Cancer would not enjoy.

Leos are captivating and love to be the center of attention. “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” a cult classic movie musical, fulfills all the theatrical desires of a Leo. Even the trend of live showings of the movies where viewers dress up in costumes and sing is right up the alley of a Leo.

Virgos are known for their perfectionism and attention to detail. Their criticalness can set them back. The attention to detail and plot Jordan Peele gave to “Us” would connect with Virgos’ need for a storyline that’s thoughtful and requires more insight than the more traditional horror film.

Libras are empathetic, embodying many personalities depending on who they are with, and strive for constant happiness. Buffy, in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” embodies these characteristics to a T. The story follows our protagonist, Buffy, who involves herself in a twisty love story all while slaying vampires. Typical Libra behavior.

Scorpios are fearless, and hard to read, they do not let most people in. A true Scorpio wouldn’t like the fluffy Halloween films I recommended for some of the other signs, a psychological thriller is way more up their alley. “The Conjuring” series is just scary enough that it can provide a Scorpio with the thrill they are looking to fulfill with a Halloween movie.

Sagittarius are aspirational and not afraid of change. Sagittarius are the friends who always encourage you to think with your brain before you follow your heart. I think a Sagittarius would gravitate more toward the genre of horror movies that make fun of horror movies because of the plot points that take more of an intellectual perspective to understand. “Scream” perfectly pulls this off, and is a classic Halloween film.

Halloween movies can be enjoyed all year round, but the fall months with a cup of tea and a blanket and a group of friends makes any of these a perfect watch.

Ava Musgraves – Print Editor

This will be Ava Musgraves’ first year on ECHO staff, but she made several contributions while taking journalism class her sophomore year.

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  1. You are so on the mark for a Scorpio! ♏️ I just watched the 1963 film “the Haunting” it was probably very thought provoking for the time.

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