Natalie Johnson–Social Media Editor

Natalie Johnson 
Social Media Editor

This is Natalie Johnson’s second year on the ECHO staff.  Last year, she was the graphics editor, and she made several contributions as a freshmen journalism student.


Digital Gold Circle Award Certificate of Merit from Columbia Scholastic Press Association 2015 for entertainment review: More than ‘Only One’ reason to turn off radio: West, McCartney duo confuses fans

Photo of the Month: December—Honorable Mention–MIPA

Quill and Scroll Member


Cross country shows support for Parker family

ECHO Newscast: Aug. 19, 2016

ECHO Newscast: Dec. 09, 2016 

Photo of the Week: Jazz Fest

Photo of the week: Jan. 01, 2017

Superintendent Riss announces retirement

Journalism students shares feelings about visiting guest speaker 

Crowded halls clog schools 

More than only one reason to turn off radio west: West-McCartney duo confuses fans 

Greek life flourished at WGHS 

Vo places 2nd at teen talent competition 

Op-ed: Seniors learn to teach sex-ed to peers

New law requires Pledge of Allegiance be recited daily 

City removes bug infested trees 

Students organize benefit for friend hit by truck

Sophomore wins 2017 Franzie Award 

Review: Styles returns to top charts

Review: ‘The Glass Castle’ film fails to capture book’s values

Senior achieves perfect 36 on ACT, offers advice

Students, staff recognize sexism at WGHS

Community gathers to honor MLK

Newscast: Jan. 19, 2018

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