Natalie’s Column: Columnist respects flight attendants

Natalie Johnson 
Humor Columnist

Fact: flight attendants are the most patient group of people.

While traveling over spring break, I found myself getting agitated with my fellow travelers in the cabin, particularly the six-year-old behind me who seemed to make sport out of how long he could keep me awake during the flight.

He had me convinced that kicking the person-in-front-of-you’s chair was the best in-flight entertainment– even better than Sky Mall.

I tried it out on the seat in front of me to see if I would have as much fun as the six-year-old, but the lady in front of me wouldn’t play along.

Maybe there was a giant target on the back of seat 25A, who knows, but this kid just had a blast kicking my seat…

I also couldn’t help but notice the man a few aisles down who wanted to share with the rest of the plane what he had for lunch 30 minutes prior…

The woman a couple seats back who stashed everyone’s unwanted complimentary make-your-mouth-dry mini pretzels like a squirrel getting ready for winter also provided some entertainment.

Needless to say, characters like these are just a part of the job for flight attendants. How they manage to make it through several flights in a day, or a flight over three hours for that matter, amazes me.

Nobody listens to their safety talks, everyone laughs at them when they put on those big yellow flotation devices, and everyone has pressed the call button instead of the light button at least once.

On my flight back to St. Louis while the flight attendants were going up and down the aisle serving drinks, I saw a woman try to scoot through the 3-inch gap between their trolley and the seats to get to the bathroom.

It didn’t work, and I’m sure it made all parties uncomfortable, especially the aisle seat.

Anyone who can put up with rude travelers is a hero in my book.

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