Ava’s Anecdotes: The search for the ‘perfect’ prom dress, two years later

Ava Musgraves
Print Editor

Mirror selfies taken at Windsor and Camille La View. From left to right, the first two dresses are from Camille La Vie, the third is from Windsor, and the last is from Camilla La Vie (and is the dress Ava chose). Photos by Ava Musgraves

As the second half of this abnormal school year comes to a close, the anticipation for one iconic event increases: prom. 

With prom, comes the months of preparation. This includes finding the perfect dress. 

These days, the issue isn’t that there aren’t enough options, this issue is that there are too many. Thousands of styles, colors, and trends make the decision making process almost impossible. The rise of exclusively online boutiques and online shopping in the past few years  has broadened the selection even further.

My sophomore year, I wrote one of my favorite stories to date that centered around finding the best prom dress selection from local stores. Now I find myself scouring websites, malls, searching for my dress. Until I remembered I wrote a guide to shopping for prom, so it’s time to revisit the recommendations from my 16 year old self. 

Looking back, I recommended Windsor, and Camille La Vie which have varying price ranges. 

Dresses at Windsor start at $10, providing a more budget friendly option. Sizes range from XS to 3X, but after trying on the dresses don’t seem to be truly to size, for me they seemed to run a little small/big depending on the fabric. 

I tend to gravitate toward a more classic and simple look for dresses, and that does not seem to be the trend this year. Racks at Windsor were filled with dresses glittered with sparkles, patterns, and un-traditional silhouettes. If that is more your speed, I definitely would recommend checking it out. 

Camille La Vie, also located in West County Mall has dresses from 150 to 600, most from designer brands hence the higher price point. 

With that higher price, I noticed that the hardware and fabrics of the dress were better quality. If that is important to you and you don’t mind spending a little more I would recommend checking this store out. 

After trying on several different dresses at both stores recommended by my sophomore self, I ultimately decided on a dress from Camille La Vie. With all the color, silhouette, and size options it made it possible for me to find the “perfect dress” finally for me.

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Ava Musgraves – Print Editor

This will be Ava Musgraves’ second year on ECHO staff, but she made several contributions while taking journalism class her sophomore year.

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