Women’s Varsity soccer kicks off season

Calum Shank
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Owen Crews
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Seniors Keegan Bluette, Audrey Swaine and Alyssa Moran celebrate after scoring a goal in April 2021 at Selma Field. Photo by Kelly Woodyard

Tryouts for spring sports have ended, and the players are looking forward to making an impact during this year and improving on their past.

Senior Audrey Swaine said about the past via email, “Last year, I think all of us really wanted to make it at least past the first round of Districts. Sadly, we lost to Summit in over time. It was a real heart breaker for everyone, but hopefully it will just make everyone work even harder this season. Now we have the same goal as last year and hope to actually meet it!”

Junior Bailey Allen mentioned good can from the past also, “Two of my favorite moments from the 2020-2021 season were my first Varsity assist off of a corner during the Oakville game and the pre-game hype videos made by Coach (Dan) Broshears,” Allen said via email.

The positivity is spread for the new year and sentiment for the future is rising up in anticipation for the new year and new players just like 

“We have two freshmen this year on Varsity- Addy Wilson and Fiona Kelly. They are both younger sisters of some of my fellow seniors, which is super fun. We are all super excited to have them…they have some serious talent! “ Swaine said via email.

Senior Sophia Wilson also adds to come watch. Via email, she said, “ Everyone should come to our games! We love the energy of our student section and we feed off of positive energy. 

Although the team hasn’t fit together perfectly in the past, Wilson and Swaine both said the team is striving for a smooth transition this year.

“There was some frustration within the team, and it was expressed in ways that were not conducive for winning games. This year, I hope that we can communicate any negative feelings and work together to smooth them out,” Wilson said via email.

“Even at just four days into the season, I can tell we are going to be super close this year. Everyone is on the same page: be serious when it’s necessary but still have fun. In past years, it has always taken awhile to get that team ‘bond,’ but we already have it which is great,” Swaine said via email.

The most important thing the athletes stressed was that showing up was key. All three, Swaine, Wilson and Allen, want support and students should be at the events because that is what keeps positivity and the fun of it alive.

Calum Shank – Video Editor

This will be Calum Shank’s first year on ECHO staff, but he made several contributions while taking journalism class his freshman year.


Owen Crews

This will be Owen Crews’ first year on ECHO staff, but he made several contributions while taking journalism class his sophomore year.

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