Stores offer prom dresses with range of styles, prices

Ava Musgraves
Contributing Writer

As the second half of the school year comes to a close, the anticipation for one iconic event increases: Prom.

Today there are plenty of stores that sell prom dresses at different prices and qualities. It can seem as if the options are overwhelming but this variety of options gives everybody an opportunity for a prom dress.

Sophomore Jasmine Salmon said her favorite place to buy dresses for dances is “Windsor, because it’s really affordable but also high quality.”

The prices for dresses at Windsor start at $10, setting apart the store as a more budget friendly option. Windsor also sells a wide range of sizes from XS to 3X. Windsor locations close to Webster are at the Galleria and West County malls. 

Sophomore Victoria Proffer recommends “Lulu’s,” which is an online dress store, “because they are cheap and they are good quality.” The website sells dresses for as low as $19 and frequently has sales. The site offers sizes from XS to 3X in a variety of colors and styles. 

Junior Lillian Maynor attended prom in 2019 and purchased her dress at “Macy’s because they had a big selection and were cheap.” 

Macy’s is a department store that carries a variety of brands during prom season. 

Macy’s sells sizes from XXS to 3X, as well as a wide selection of colors and shapes that cater to many people. Local locations of the store include the West County and Galleria malls. Prices range between $70 and $700. 

If students are looking for a more expensive dress, a store to check out is Camille La Vie. 

Dress prices at Camille’s range from around $150 to almost $600. Sizes range from a triple zero to a 22. A local store can be found at the West County Mall. Camille’s boasts an extensive selection of designs, patterns and colors. 

From $10 dresses to $500 dresses, there are plenty of stores to find the “picture perfect” dress for Prom 2020. 


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