Students create meaningful change with putt putt event

Maren DeMargel
Podcast Editor

IMG_3132DECA will host a putt putt event benefiting Friends of Kids with Cancer inside the high school on Nov. 13, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

All people ages seven and up are welcome to attend. It costs $3, and all fees will be collected at the door.

A link to sign up can be found in the event’s Instagram bio: @websterputtputt, or QR codes can be found around the school.

The event is being organized by seniors Jenna Clark, Joe Ruzicka, Gigi Tetley, Naia Kniker, and Sydney Harp.

“So every single year, Marketing does these different events to raise money to go to New York. This year we’re not going to New York, so we all picked a different charity to do. There’s different events every year like Mx. Webster [and] Night in the Courtyard, but my group wanted to create something new,” Clark said. Clark is one of the leaders of the group, and she is in charge of a lot of the business elements.

“The putt putt event is 18 holes around the high school,” Tetley said. Tetley works on the design and creative elements for the event. According to Tetley, each hole will have a theme relating to Friends of Kids with Cancer as well as the event’s sponsors.

One of the event’s sponsors is Nehring Design. According to Tetley, this sponsorship played a major role in choosing Friends of Kids with Cancer as the benefactor of this event.

“We all kinda knew Quinton Nehring, and his brother, Caleb, passed away from cancer a few years ago when he was a kid. He went to the foundation Friends of Kids with Cancer, so we thought it would be a great organization to donate to,” Tetley said.

“A few of my group members went to the Friends of Kids with Cancer site, and it was just an overwhelming experience, and it was so amazing what they’ve done. I’m excited to give the donation to them and make a difference for their cause,” Clark said.

All proceeds from the event including admission fees and challenge holes will be donated to this charity. “We have four challenge holes where you have a chance to win prizes. You can win up to $200 worth of gift cards,” Clark said. It costs $1 to attempt a challenge hole.

“We just wanted to do something that included everybody in the high school and in the community and do something fun that no one else had done before,” Harp said. Harp is the social media manager for the event and works with Tetley on many of the creative elements as well.

“We’re just trying to give back to the community in the best way we know how to,” Harp said.


Maren DeMargel – Podcast Editor

This will be Maren DeMargel’s first year on ECHO staff, but she made several contributions while taking journalism class her sophomore year.

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