Field hockey team reflects on end of season

Jackson Parks

Lydia Urice
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Senior Adele Maupin warms up before a game on Thursday, Sept. 23, at Moss Field. Photo by Emily Goben

Women’s field hockey played this year’s fall season as a very united team. Not just through the bonds or teamwork, women’s field hockey was united as one joint team, compared to separate Varsity and JV teams.

Women’s field hockey concluded its season on Oct. 19. It played in a total of 17 games since the beginning of the season on Aug. 9.

Women’s field hockey won three out of their 16 games this season.

The combination of teams has seemed to bring the team closer together compared to previous years.

On the topic of combined teams, Coach Patti Perkins said, “One team has its pros and cons. It’s less time commitment. It’s easier to bond as a group when there’s just one group, but then it’s tough trying to build the program and only having one team. Overall, we made the most of it and had a good time as the one team together.”

Perkins shared her pride for her team and their growth throughout the season.

“We’re competing in almost every game. I mean, we started off nine to nothing in our first game, and now we’re competing against some of the better teams one-nothing, overtime. So they’ve come a long way in terms of their skills and playing as a team and getting better,” Perkins said.

As one joint team, more memories and highlights gather throughout the season. Field hockey players shared their highlights and favorite memories of their season.

“The highlight of the season was senior night in my opinion because we won, we had a potluck after, and we got to celebrate the seniors.” said junior Makenna Sauter, who played defense and midfield positions.

The team’s senior night was a highlight for many of the team and also Coach Perkins.

Senior Anna Karpen said, “My favorite part of this season was winning on senior night.”

“Senior night, that was a good highlight,” Perkins said. “That was fun.”

Senior captain, Greta Eames, shared her thoughts on the season as a whole.

“As a whole, I feel like our season was successful. Even though we didn’t win as many games as we may have liked, we improved and grew on the field over the past few months,” Eames said.

As for her highlights of the season, Eames shared, “The best parts of the season were our team bonding and winning senior night. Having a close team makes playing so much more fun and makes us all feel like a closer team. Winning senior night was such a highlight because it was the last game the six seniors got to play at Moss and was definitely a good memory.”

Having a condensed team and season is never a hope for any coach entering a season, though it was the reality this year. After a unified season for her team, Perkins is hopeful for the future of the sport next year.

“[We’re] just trying to grow the sport. We’re hoping to have a camp this summer and build the program,” Perkins said.

“Well you know, as a coach you’re never satisfied, because you always want to win more but we’ve come a long way from August to now. We’ve improved a lot. They’ve come a long way in terms of their skills and playing as a team and getting better,” Perkins said.

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