Senior pursues sports passion

Maren DeMargel
Social Media Manager

Senior Byron Hoffman smiles at prom on Saturday, April 15, at The Planetarium. Photo by Jocelyn Reiss

“It goes too fast,” senior Byron Hoffman said of his time in high school.

Hoffman attended Clark Elementary School, Steger and Hixson, and now his time in the Webster Groves School District is coming to an end.
Hoffman is known for his humorous nature, as well as his passion for sports.

“I’ve always been the kid who was always interested in sports growing up. I knew everything,” Hoffman said.

Thanks to the opportunities presented by WGHS, Hoffman has found a path for his future that allows him to explore this interest as a career.

“I am going to Mizzou for a four-year education on Journalism with a minor in sports statistics, so I hope to become a sports analyst in the future,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman’s three years in the football program and two years in the marketing classes have helped his future plans become clear.

As for football, Hoffman said, “I just learned how to work with a team. It was always really fun, and I liked all the people I had around me. I liked my coaches. They gave me good life skills.”

For Hoffman, Kathryn Laurentius’ Marketing I and Marketing II classes were not only his favorite, but they provided unique opportunities. He describes Marketing II’s trip to New York City as, “a fever dream.”

Hoffman also cited Laurentius as his favorite teacher, saying he enjoys to “mess with her sometimes.”

Hoffman is grateful for his time at WGHS.

“(I want to) thank all the teachers I had for giving me good life examples, and thanks to my friends for helping me out,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman’s advice to incoming students is simple.

“Don’t take the time you have here for granted. It may seem like you’re in here for a long time, but you’re really not,” Hoffman said.


Maren DeMargel – Podcast Editor

This will be Maren DeMargel’s first year on ECHO staff, but she made several contributions while taking journalism class her sophomore year.

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