NHS sponsors blood drive

Jacob Riefle
Contributing Writer

Senior Jude Bronner closes his eyes as he gets his blood drawn by volunteers from Mercy Medical Photo by Soledad Lee

National Honor Society organized a blood drive on Monday, Nov. 14. Students 17 or older, or 16 with parent’s permission, could sign up to get their blood drawn during school.

Sixty-eight volunteers signed up to donate blood.

According to NHS Sponsor Amy Rowland, “We partner with Mercy Hospital. Their donation staff takes the donated blood to their hospital system, and it’s distributed on an as-needed basis. Blood is used for all types of transfusions, both in hospitals and clinics.”

The blood drive took place at the Auxiliary Gym.

“It’s an easy way to help out the community. There is a high demand for blood, especially since the pandemic, and people can save lives with their donations. It only takes about 15 minutes to donate blood, and it can be life saving,” Rowland said. NHS also rewarded all who donated with a free T-shirt and snacks.

Senior Noah Weihl volunteered at the blood drive for the afternoon shift. He clocked in after the first lunch and stayed until the sixth hour. The volunteers’ jobs are to comfort anyone who is giving blood that needs it, as well as general assistance.

“I’m just going around talking to people giving blood. If they need comfort or anything, I can get it for them,” Weihl stated.

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