Students skate into the new school year

Hadley Hoskins
Junior Editor

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While sports like football, volleyball and cross country occupy the attention of students this fall, some are more focused on non-school sponsored activities, like skating.

From roller derby to skateboarding, students are just as dedicated as others are to school sports, especially in the absence of structured practices or a coach.

They practice several times a week at skate parks in Webster and in Maplewood, for hours at a time and sometimes even at night.“A lot of Webster kids skateboard,” junior Sicily Castro said. Castro said she has been rollerskating for about 10 months and also joined a roller derby team a few months ago.

Castro said while a lot of people assume roller skating is just going around in circles, there’s a lot more to it than that.“There’s tricks, ramp stuff like grinding and sliding, and jumping over stuff,” Castro said.

Skaters like Castro who teach themselves rely on YouTube videos as well as one another for help learning how to skate.“Whenever someone sees someone who’s learning, they’re really supportive, because they were in the same place [once, too],” Castro explained.

Castro added the community of roller skaters is smaller, but growing due to its popularity on social media and it’s feminist connotations.“A lot of the time when you think of skating, you think of men on skateboards, but women don’t get the recognition they should be getting.”

Castro said she was introduced to roller skating through a friend who owned a pair of roller skates and another that skateboarded.
“[Learning to skate has] just been really amazing, from the people… if you want to try it, just go out and buy skates,” Castro said.
Stay tuned for a part two about the figure skaters of Webster Groves High School.


Hadley Hoskins- Junior Editor

This will be Hadley Hoskin’s first year on ECHO Staff, but she also made several contributions while taking journalism class her sophomore year.

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