Students speak about what it’s like to go to school where their parents work

Sam Klein
Podcast Editor

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Coach Sean Wright and Gabe Wright pose for a photo together in Zion National Park. Photo provided by Gabe Wright

Several students walk the same high school halls as their parents. Sophomore Gabe Wright and junior Miles Cole are a couple of them.

Wright’s dad is Coach Sean Wright, who works as the athletic trainer and a gym teacher.

“Having a parent in the school is nice because I always have someone I can go to for great advice and help with school. It’s not as weird as you think it would be, and I like that I feel comfortable at school with someone I’m really close to being there in case of an emergency at the high school,” Wright said over email about what it’s like being in the same school as his dad every day.

Of course, there are upsides and downsides to things like this. Wright wrote in an email that he likes having his dad work at the school because it means he has somewhere to hangout and do school work while he waits on the bus to take him to his soccer games. A downside Wright talked about is that he has to wake up early to get to the school when his dad needs to be there, and that it makes the most sense for them to come to school together.

“I get a little less sleep because of it, but it’s not too bad,” Wright wrote in his email.

Cole’s parents are band and piano teacher Kevin Cole and math teacher Kristin Cole. Cole said over email that it’s not as stressful going to the school his parents work as some people would think. He added that it doesn’t affect him much, and that one good thing is that he gets a good parking spot.


Sam Klein- Podcast Editor

This will be Sam Klein’s first year on ECHO Staff, but she also made several contributions while taking journalism class her sophomore year.

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