Voices of Webster: Covid changes Halloween celebrations

Jaden Fields
Editor -in-Chief

Deacon Joe McRoy welcomes a trick-or-treater at Webster Groves Baptist Church’s 2019 Trunk or Treat. This year WGBC and other organizations are either cancelling Halloween activities or modifying them to be social distant due to Covid-19 concerns. Photo by Donald Johnson

Despite Covid-19,Missouri, among other states, has announced Halloween will not be canceled, leading citizens to wonder what Halloween will look like.

After months of Covid-19 restrictions, it seemed as if Halloween was a holiday that wouldn’t be occurring this year due to the fact that it is such a high contact holiday, but Halloween will ultimately be occurring. Because of this, children and teens everywhere are planning costumes to wear this year, as well as activities that will be safe and socially distanced.

Senior Caroline Gillow is taking great strides to maintain Covid-19 safety. Her family will rent a lake house that is far removed from populated areas in an effort to keep everyone safe.

Junior, Emmy Gary is also planning a fun Halloween group costume. She and friends will dress up as characters from the hit game “Among Us” found on the Apple store and other gaming media.

“I’m going to be Purple, and we’re planning to watch scary movies and eat some snacks,” Gary said via text message.

In terms of where the group got the idea, Gary said it came from a TikTok she saw, the idea being extra entertaining because it’s a game they all enjoy.

This particular group costume has also found a way to incorporate Covid- 19 safety into its Halloween costume. The “Among Us” characters are essentially astronauts, and because of this, they wear space suits and helmets. This particular costume accessory will allow Gary and her friends to safely enjoy Halloween with one another while practicing safety and social distance simultaneously.

Senior Oliva Stuber has some big plans of her own for this special holiday, with her and friends dressing up from characters from a favorite childhood movie.

“Me and a couple friends are all going to be Shrek. . . We were all brainstorming random ideas, and we thought it would be funny. Most people are different characters from Shrek, but we all wanted to be Shrek,” Stuber said via text message. In terms of how they will be enjoying the day safely, Stuber said they will be having an outdoor outting, hanging out safely.

“Because of Covid we can’t do much, but we’re planning on watching a movie in someone’s backyard,” Stuber said.
Stuber is not the only one interested in digging into her past for costume inspirations.

Senior Amelia Griesedieck and friends will be going as characters from the animated show “Avatar the Last Airbender.”

“I have really gotten into watching ATLA since it’s come out on Netflix in May. It’s also a really influential show in my life and [ the lives of my friends], so we all wanted to dress up as our favorite characters from the show,” Griesedieck said via text message.

In terms of plans, they plan to get together with some friends and take photos, simply dressing up for fun. Griesedieck said they’re just excited to be dressing up as one of their favorite characters. Covid-19 precautions are something Griesedieck has greatly taken into consideration, even adding a mask to their costume.

“No matter what I end up doing, I’m going to be masked up. I have a plain black mask that I’m also going to decorate with airbending symbols on it to keep with the costume,” Griesedieck said.


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Editor-in-Chief Jaden Fields explores how to students will celebrate Halloween in during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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