Parks Perspective: ‘Hubie Halloween’ does not inspire

Jackson Parks
Junior Editor

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Hubie Halloween,” Netflix’s latest star-studded project, features Adam Sandler and almost the entire “Saturday Night Live” alumni in spooky New England. While not a typical Halloween movie, it is a typical Sandler movie.

The Netflix movie follows Sandler’s character, Hubie, in his small town of Salem with Halloween right around the corner. Hubie is bullied by almost the whole town and has to save Halloween, when an escaped psychopath and supernatural elements come to play.

The movie is just like any other movie that Sandler has done, with the main character getting the girl at the end and defeating the antagonist. Without spoiling, the ending is underwhelming to a movie that has too many characters to keep track of. While the movie is not amazing, it does have some ironic and comedic twists along the way.

“Hubie Halloween” does its best at playing with its spooky but scenic setting of the town Salem, where Halloween is widely celebrated. The film also has some great cinematography and interesting shots, as well as some impressive effects and editing.

The characters and their interactions with one another become almost too much to remember, when switching from scene to scene. The plot isn’t terribly hard to follow, while there is a good amount to keep track of.

“Hubie Halloween” did everything it must have set out to do, whether it was good or not. The movie definitely isn’t bad, but it definitely isn’t good. It’s your typical Adam Sandler movie thrown into an October setting with some monsters and gore added. Is it worth the watch? Maybe.



Jackson Parks – Junior Editor

This will be Jackson Parks’ first year on ECHO staff, but he made several contributions while taking journalism class his sophomore year.


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