Students incorporate masks into Halloween costumes

Maren DeMargel
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Junior Amelia Dorsey wears a homemade mask to her volleyball game. She has been making masks since the beginning of the pandemic, and she has used them as a way to express her creative side. “Another reason I made masks was because I don’t have a job, so making masks for people was a way to make money,” Dorsey said.
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Wearing masks on Halloween isn’t a new concept, but the reasoning behind it is quite different this year. 

Due to Covid-19, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that proper face coverings are worn in public settings around people who don’t live in the same household. Since Halloween involves trick-or-treating, parties and hanging out with friends, protective masks may be taking the place of traditional scary ones. 

“I don’t mind just putting [a mask] over whatever I wear,” junior Camryn Adams said via email. She plans to wear her mask if she goes outside or comes in contact with people on Halloween. 

Coupled with handwashing, wearing a mask is a safety staple this Halloween, especially when engaging in high-risk activities. According to the St. Louis County Public Health Department, trick or treating is a high risk activity, but wearing a mask can help keep others safe. The health department also recommends wearing a protective mask underneath costume masks.

Adams plans to dress up as Frankie Stein from “Monster High” with a friend. “I’m buying a light aqua [mask] that will match my [costume],” she said via email.

People can get face masks specifically designed for Halloween in several places. 

Stores like Spirit Halloween sell Halloween themed face masks decorated with designs like pumpkin mouths and vampire teeth. 

Other online ideas can be found at “Just 20 Halloween Costume Ideas That Work Perfectly With Face Masks.”

Instead of purchasing a new mask, junior Amelia Dorsey plans to make her own. “I am certainly planning to dress up for Halloween, because it’s my favorite holiday! I have not decided on a costume yet, but I might choose a costume that goes with a mask,” Dorsey said via email.

Dorsey learned to make masks through her mom, and even though it was challenging at first, she has become quite efficient at it. She started making masks in the beginning of the pandemic to give to hospitals and doctors, but it has now turned into a way to create unique masks for herself and others.

“I decided to make my own masks because I wanted something different from the plain blue masks everyone else has,” Dorsey said via email. Her creativity has led her to make masks in many different colors and patterns. She even made custom masks for the WGHS volleyball team. 

Sophomore Tori Gray has a creative costume idea as well. She plans to dress as a Teletubbie from the British television show “Teletubbies.”

“I will wear a mask I already have,” Gray said via text message. She doesn’t think that this will take away from the overall appeal of her costume. 

“It is pretty easy to incorporate into my costume, so it didn’t affect my decision a lot,” Gray said via text message. She plans to wear her mask if she goes trick or treating, or if she is around people.

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