Social studies teacher shares interest in sports

Izzy Poole
Contributing Writer

Dontrail Johnson, social studies teacher, plays a game of football at a party. He has been playing football since he was five years old. Photo from Dontrail Johnson

“I love anything to do with sports, going to watch sports, coaching sports,” Dontrail Johnson, social studies teacher, said.

Football and sports in general are a big part of Johnson’s life. He hopes to be able to coach a sport in the future. He also wants to visit all 32 NFL teams and the baseball and hockey stadiums as well. 

Johnson started playing football when he was five years old. He continued to play for 19 more years. He played high school football for Webster all four years and graduated in 2012.

When he graduated, Johnson went to college for journalism to become a sportscaster. He realized in his sophomore year that he wasn’t as passionate about it as he wanted.

Johnson went back home and visited a football game where he saw James LeMay, social studies teacher and talked about his future career. 

During Johnson’s time at Webster, some teachers who inspired him. He said LeMay, made learning fun, Sean Wright, social studies teacher, was just an all around great teacher, Jessica Haskins, math teacher,  pushed him to enjoy math and learning, and Eric Dunn, math teacher, taught him how to value his education.

As a new social studies teacher this year, Johnson brings things he would like people to keep in mind while in his classroom. He wants to make sure that all the students are respected by other students and staff.

Another value he holds is to be a responsible student, to get all their work done, to do the work by themselves and to not cheat off of others.

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