New assistant football coach comes to Webster

Joe Harned
Contributing Writer

Munir Prince (on left) helps coach the Varsity football team. He played football for two years at Notre Dame and for two years at Mizzou. Prince said, “It all starts with people taking an investment in the program.”
Photo from Jude Bronner

Munir Prince, new assistant varsity coach and assistant activities director, played college football at Notre Dame and Mizzou, and is excited to bring that experience to Moss Field and the Webster football team.

Coach Prince recalled his days playing high school football.

 “When I got to DeSmet, we were not a very good football team. We went, like, two and eight my freshman year, and then two and eight again my sophomore year… by senior year we were able to put it all together, and just being able to celebrate that victory with my coaches and my teammates was an awesome feeling. I’ve learned a lot since that time… that’s something that I want to replicate at Webster,” Prince said. 

Prince played football for two years at Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, then finished his collegiate play at Mizzou. 

Along with being a coach, Prince is the assistant activities director and plans to help expand the football program and build the Webster sports community.

 “It starts with people taking an investment within the program,” Prince said.

Prince played football all throughout college. After a two-year career, Munir moved to his home state and played at Mizzou. 

“Mizzou was awesome,” Munir said. “The games that we won and the games that we lost, I’ve learned and matured so much from my time at Mizzou.”  

Prince coached at Mizzou as well, and his experience on the field and on the sideline is something that the WGHS football team appreciates. 

Sophomore Jude Bronner said, “Coach Prince has brought a lot of energy and great experience. He along with coach [Matt] Buha has led a new feeling that is more upbeat. Kids want to go to practice.”

Prince hopes to get the reputation of Webster football back to what it once was, saying “Before these past few years, there were some great years that Webster Groves football had had competing… We have to get back to that. That means that the foundation is there, the tradition is there.”

Playing football is difficult during the time of COVID-19; however, Prince is taking all measures possible to keep the players safe, like wearing masks in practice and encouraging safe behavior both on and off the court. Practices will continue, and Prince said the team is getting stronger. 

“The Webster Groves community will see the improvement these young men have made,” Prince said. 

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