Math/science teacher joins Webster Groves High School

Owen Crews
Contributing Writer

Kevin Kovarik starts teaching math and science at Webster Groves High School this year. He has been teaching for three years and coached Tennis at Duchenese High School.

Kevin Kovarik was hired over the summer to help teach math and science online.

Kovarik who is on his fourth year of teaching. Kovarik is very into learning new things and likes to implement them into his teaching style. About his move from Duchesne High School he said he still has a love for Duchesne, but has moved to Webster for many factors like where Kovarik and his family live and the position opening up. 

Kovarik looks forward to next semester where he will be doing a new class of engineering. This class will focus on drafting software and the process of it.

 “All the people seem to care and have a positive attitude,” Kovaril said about the transition from Duchesne to Webster. He said it was different coming from a small private school to a bigger public one, but everybody has helped him be ready.

Kovarik also is bringing over a new project. Project Lead The Way is a non profit organization that helps with STEM activities that are more hands on. He said it is very important for students to get out of the classroom and learn about problems in the outside world and to help solve them.

Project Lead The Way is getting kids to get excited about real life problem solving with resources from them. They help teachers give kids chances to apply their knowledge and have better skills of communication and think outside of the box.

Kovarik also likes to get involved. He coached tennis over at Duchesne but isn’t focusing on it right now. He said that maybe later but right now he is too busy. He added he is still looking for more chances to grow as a teacher. “It will be a challenge but I am happy to help.”


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