Drama to perform Shakespearian parody

Maeve Taylor
Podcast Editor

 “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)” is the first of two spring plays to be performed by the drama department this year.

The play, according to its description on Wikipedia, was written and first performed by Adam Long, Daniel Singer, and Jess Winfield in 1987, and  “parodies the plays of William Shakespeare with all of them being performed in comically shortened or merged form by only three actors.”

Juniors Amelia Greisedieck and Jaden Fields and sophomore Gant Gibson rehearse “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged),” which will be performed March 5-7, in the Black Box Theater. Photo by Maeve Taylor

Drama teacher and director Todd Schaefer describes the play as “an attempt to teach the audience about all of Shakespeare’s plays that goes terribly wrong.”

The cast is comprised of juniors Amelia Griesedieck and Jaden Fields and sophomore Gant Gibson, all acting as themselves under their own names within the context of the play. 

Griesedieck described the character dynamic, Basically, I’m kind of like the heart of the show, the one that tries to keep everyone on track, while Gant is the clown, and Jaden is the intellectual. We kind of all balance each other out to make the show what it is and to keep it running smoothly, even though it all goes downhill.”

Schaefer, regarding the reason this play was chosen to perform, said, “I was looking for a way to bring some Shakespeare to All Write and a show that allowed actors to do some slap-stick style comedy.

Gibson, regarding how the audience should prepare for the show, “I don’t think the audience should know anything. They should go in blind not knowing who’s performing or what any of the jokes are.”

“Don’t expect anything. There’s a lot of tricks,” Griesedieck said, “You’ll be surprised.”

The show will run in the Black Box March 5-7, with a start time of 7 p.m. Tickets will cost seven dollars for students and 10 for adults, running 90 minutes in length with a 10 minute intermission between acts. 

Maeve Taylor – Podcast Editor

This is Maeve Taylor’s second year on the Echo as the podcast editor, after making several contributions to the Echo while taking journalism her freshman year.

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