Miss Webster to study criminal justice

Senior Nakailah Shields-Robinson performs slam poetry for the Selma Slam during All Write. Photo by Rosa Parks

Senior Nakailah Shields-Robinson described herself as “open-minded because I try to understand so much in different points of views.”

“Second, I’m very caring when it comes to others and everyone’s individual personalities and what they have to bring to the world, but most of all, I find myself very determined. I’m always set to get the job done with 150 percent of my effort.”

Determined Shields-Robinson is, not only winning the title of “Miss Webster” this year, but also being a Franzie semi-finalist during this year’s All-write for her poem, “Because I Hurt.”

Shields-Robinson said, “I love writing! Poems are my favorite thing. I love to get away and just write because some things can’t be said everyday.”

Friend of Shields-Robinson and senior Siyanna Mahan described her as “bubbly. She’s very upbeat and always full of energy.”

Shields Robinson said of the school, “I would change everyone’s point of view or outlook on something different. We are so used to something constant and the same that it’s scary to see (Webster Groves) shake it up with something new and different. It’s time.”

In her free time, Shields-Robinson said, “I love spending time with my teammates at South Tech, and I love just being around others who love just being around each other.”

Shields-Robinson currently takes classes at South Technical High School in addition to Webster.

Shields-Robinson said, “My experience at tech has been… truly amazing. I’ve learned so much and earned so much, I can’t even count it on my fingers. I found a home there, I found a career there, and most importantly I found a family there.”

Shields-Robinson attended her last class at South Tech on May 10. She said, “That will be the end to an amazing era. South Tech will be my hardest goodbye in my high school career.”

Shields-Robinson will attend Tennessee State University this fall to study criminal justice and psychology. She is the first of her 10 siblings to attend college.


Josie Krueger – Entertainment Editor

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