Runner to bring mental strength to KU

Senior Cora Blackford starts her second lap of the Women’s 1600-meter run at the Webster JV meet on April 17, 2018. Photo by Ethan Weihl

Distance runner, involved in community service and aspiring architect are just a few ingredients that make up senior Cora Blackford.

Blackford is a four-year varsity track and cross country star. She said, “It’s a really mental sport. It’s made me a lot tougher… and better at setting attainable goals. It takes a certain toughness to get all the way through a season.”

Blackford describes herself as a, “Listener, people always come to me for advice and just to sit there and listen to them talk. I’m quiet, but I’m fine with that. Creative.”

Blackford’s greatest weakness is “The quietness, people don’t really see me as being one to interact with, but I need to get out there more, especially with my career. I’m working on it, I think I’m getting better. I wouldn’t say I’m shy, no. I don’t speak every word on my mind like some people do.”

Blackford will attend the University of Kansas the fall of 2019, majoring in architecture.

Blackford said her interest in architecture started when she was young: “I was that kid who always played with Legos and made buildings on Minecraft and drew sketches and looked out the car window at buildings. I figured I had a knack for (architecture). It’s like the only thing I can see myself doing and enjoying.”

Traveling with her family is an important aspect of Blackford’s life. Most has been volunteering through her church, such as her work in a Panama elementary school or around the U.S. with homeless people.

Senior Stacy Borth and Blackford have been best friends since birth. Borth describes Blackford as, “Determined, loving and exceptional. She’s one of the kindest people you’ll meet.”

Borth will attend Harding University in Searcy, AR.

Of college, Borth said, “(Cora and I have) always been there for one another, no matter what. We’ve been through so much together. It’s going to be weird being so far apart.”

About the high school, Blackford would change “the class requirements. For example, I think it’s ridiculous for people in sports to have to get (two) PE credits. I also think the world is shifting into a more open, creative environment, and some required classes may not be necessary for students interested in certain fields.”

Blackford’s goals are to get a job over the summer and not be in debt from college.


Josie Krueger – Entertainment Editor

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