Shrewcrew: Friends create influence

Shrewcrew members seniors Trace Boglino, Serdel Dela Cruz, T.J. Disbennett, Finn Frese, Daniel Placke and Matthew Smegner are a group of senior friends who have a basketball team, YouTube channel, website and Instagram. Photo provided by Shrewcrew

Friends seniors Trace Boglino, William Colton, Serdel Dela Cruz, T.J. Disbennett, T.Y. Disbennett, Finn Frese, Frankie Kelty, Grant Lehmann, Thomas Okamoto, Daniel Placke, Matthew Smegner, Briton Toth and Zach Mason make up the “Shrewcrew,” one of the largest friend groups at WGHS.

The name Shrewcrew is derived from Shrewsbury, because, “most of (the crew) live(s) in Shrewsbury and that’s where we usually hang out,” according to Dela Cruz.

Most Shrewcrew members have been friends since elementary school.

“We went to the same grade school and played sports together and stuff and our parents were friends,” Boglino said on how they all became friends.

However, Shrewcrew is much more than just the average friend group, they have a YouTube channel, Instagram, website and a YMCA basketball team.

The group created its YouTube channel in 2016 and have since posted 20 videos.

Members of Shrewcrew hang on playground set.  Photo provided by Shrewcrew

About what kind of content the crew posts on its channel, Boglino said, “I don’t think it fits into any particular category.”
Some video titles include “The Birth of Patrick Unterreiner,” “The Boys Discover Fire” and “City Boys Experience the Country Lifestyle.”

“Loyal Music Video is the best by far. It’s got a lot of views for our channel, and it’s the only video that we actually put a lot of work into, and it’s hella funny,” Boglino said.

When it’s not making videos, Shrewcrew can be found playing basketball.

“The Shrewcrew basketball team technically started freshman year, but it wasn’t exclusively Shrewcrew. I didn’t start playing for Shrewcrew until junior year. Junior year is about when the team was exclusively Shrewcrew,” Dela Cruz said.
On the team’s practice schedule, Dela Cruz said, “We don’t really practice. We have a group chat with a bunch of people in it where we ask if they wanna ball.”

Despite not having regularly scheduled practices, Shrewcrew has still made some impressive basketball feats, “This year we went 7-1 and won the championship,” Boglino said.

Next year the crew will separate for college, but Shrewcrew plans to keep its Instagram and YouTube channel up. Its Instagram can be found at @shrewcrew_, and its YouTube name is Shrewcrew.


Evelyn Trampe – Video Editor

This will be Evelyn Trampe’s second year on ECHO staff, but she made several contributions while taking journalism class her sophomore year. She is also a member of Quill and Scroll.


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