Letter from the editor: Students’ opinions matter

Aerin Johnson

Currently only five letters have been published in the ECHO this year. (Photo by Aerin Johnson)
Currently only five letters have been published in the ECHO this year. (Photo by Aerin Johnson)

WGHS students aren’t using all the opportunities they have to express their opinions, get something known or to change something in our school.

Writing a letter to the editor can do all these things, yet the ECHO newspaper only receives at most three a month. Usually the letters are to comment on stories from the previous month’s issue. Very rarely is this venue used to inform students of something going on in the community or around WGHS.

The opinion page of this paper is not supposed to be for just the ECHO staff to express its opinions, but for the students to as well. Students have been able to talk about clubs in the community and around the school like Job’s Daughters or even the illusive Conspiracy Club (which is not actually real… or is it?).

Letters to the editor do have certain guidelines. They cannot be discriminatory or be libelous, and they must be 300 words or less.

If people ask for their identity to be concealed, letters may be published anonymously, but the editor and advisor must know the authors of all letters. The editors also retain the right to edit for length issues.

Letters can be about most anything. If students know of an event that is occurring in the future and would like to find a way to advertise for it at school, without buying an ad, they can write a letter and give people the details.

Students can also talk about someone who is doing something cool that no one even knows about like writing their own comic book or being given an award outside of school.

Students should feel free to share their thoughts and opinions with the ECHO. They can have their own voice.

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