Senior participates in 3 varsity sports

Phoebe Mussman
Staff Writer

Senior Allie Clear enjoys running a Varsity 5k race in a Women’s Cross Country Meet in 2013.  (Photo by Photo by Carly Borth)
Senior Allie Clear enjoys running a Varsity 5k race in a Women’s Cross Country Meet in 2013. (Photo by Carly Borth)

After moving from Akron Ohio to Webster Groves for her junior year, senior Allie Clear signed herself up to play three sports a year at WGHS.

“I’ve been doing it (playing multiple sports) since I was five, so it’s not too difficult,” Clear stated. She doesn’t have many problems with balancing academics and sports either.

Clear plays on the Varsity level for all the sports she participates in (track and field, cross country and swimming), and she is currently competing in her favorite sport of all: track.

“It’s definitely my favorite. I love meeting new people at the meets that we go to,” Clear remarked.

Last fall, Clear went to the Missouri State championships along with the rest of the women’s Varsity cross country team.

Clear moved to St. Louis for the start of her junior year in high school. At her old high school, she competed in six sports for her freshman and sophomore years.

“You’d have to have a high-enough GPA to do that many sports; we signed the school’s ‘Death Certificate’ to verify what we were doing,” Clear explained.

Clear played soccer, softball, cross country, track, swimming and diving. Some of the sports were arranged to be extended editions of others.

For example, during the swim season Clear would swim before and after school. Then she would dive for a few extra hours after the mandatory swimming practice and ultimately practice about six hours a day for both the swimming and diving teams.

On the WGHS swim team, athletes must rank enough points at the end of the season to be on the Varsity level. They do this by scoring high in races to eventually reach 50 points; Clear qualified for the Varsity level this year.


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