Letter to the Editor: Students correct Doctor Who article

I was pleased to see an article concerning the new Doctor Who club in the last edition of the Echo, but there were a few errors that I would like to correct.

First off, Caroline Lesch did not start the Doctor Who club, but rather Caroline Howard. Caroline Lesch never claimed responsibility for creation of the club and her comments in the article were in response to a question about why she joined the club, she was never questioned about starting it. All credit goes to Caroline Howard and the other girls that manage the club.

I would also like to point out that the title of the show is “Doctor Who” and it is not meant to be shortened to “Dr. Who”, as the title is supposed to be a sort of question about the Doctor’s (the main character) name. By using “Dr. Who” in place of the full name you are implying that the main character is a doctor (whether medical or academic) and named “Who”.


Lauren Reed and Caroline Lesch

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