Revival of Pep band brings back spirit to Basketball Games

(photo by Andy Kimball)
Freshmen Daniel Welch, Jack Kincaid, Thomas Hotaling and junior Mary-Anne Cahoon play at winter sports pep assembly on Jan. 24. (photo by Andy Kimball)

Andy Kimball
Contributing Writer

For the first time in years, there will be a pep band at the high school for Varsity men’s and women’s basketball games.

A pep band is like a marching band for football but for the basketball team.

The pep band this year is led by band teachers Kevin Cole and Dane Williams. The band includes all band students no matter what skill. It is voluntary and any band member can attend.

Cole said he started a pep band because “I’ve gone to high school and college basketball games since I was young, and the pep bands have always been an integral part of the whole experience.  NBA arenas pump in loud pop and rock music, but they can’t replicate the atmosphere and environment of an exciting college game with the bands, cheerleaders and fans who really love their teams.”

Cole added so far pep band “has been a blast.  We have a great time in the stands at football games-playing between plays and trying to keep the atmosphere fun and electric.  Many of the band students have asked over the years about revisiting the pep band, and our student turnout has been very good.”

It seems like the students so far have enjoyed pep band.  Freshman trumpet player Madi Powers said, “Pep band is an enjoyable time that allows students to experience a live band and sports at the same time.”

Cole said his goal isn’t to intimidate the other team, but he hopes “our players and coaches enjoy hearing the band during timeouts and quarter breaks.  I’d like to think, too, that we bring a little bit of energy to the gym at the right moments-there’s nothing worse than hearing ‘crickets chirping’ during a timeout.”

Some pep bands like student sections at basketball games are known to have an effect on the visiting team at games. Freshman Matthew Fuller said,  “I think the pep band can help intimidate the other team and give our team an advantage.”

In the first three pep band games, Webster is 2-1. The women’s team won 45-40 against Summit and 50-27 against Jefferson City, but the men’s team lost 81-77 to Parkway South.

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