Bell celebrates 60th birthday as T-Day prize

Alex Roberts, senior, Marlon Hampton, senior, Cameron Hilton, sophomore, Nick Delgado, sophomore, and Zeb Bates, senior, stand with the Frisco Bell.
(Photo by Addie Conway)

Webster Groves and Kirkwood’s coveting of the Frisco Bell began in 1952, when it was offered for the first time to the victor of the Turkey Day game.

The bell was not awarded that day due to a 0-0 tie, so it stayed with Kirkwood since Webster Groves had lost the year before.

However, Webster Groves did win the bell the next year with a 33-13 victory.

Currently, the 400 lb. trophy resides in the Webster Groves hallways, just across from Unit 108, due to WGHS’s 40-14 victory in the 2011 Turkey Day game.

The Frisco Bell was originally gifted to Kirkwood by Southern Railway Company employee Robert Stone in the early 1950s.

The Kirkwood principal at the time, Murl Moore, asked the student council what should be done with the bell, and it was decided that it would become the Turkey Day prize.

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