Senior line dance takes it back to 90s

Seniors A’aliyah Caldwell and Nubari Kanee instuct other seniors in this year’s senior line dance. (Photo By Olivia Rosemann)

DJ Johnson
Staff Writer

Kyman Caviness, Gabbi Enyard and Nubari Kanee are this year’s instructors for the senior line dance, and creating it in the summer the seniors and everyone in attendance are in for a treat.

The senior line dance has always been something special and fun for the students to do. The seniors get to make the dance up and even chose their style of music

“The dance is definitely a little bit harder than usual, but the energy is great,” Caviness said.

“The music of choice is a little different than the past years, but that’s only because we don’t want it to be like any other year, we are better than any other year we are class of Dub-13,” senior Bently Green said. Instead of just music from their freshman year on up, as previous seniors did, the seniors of 2013 have chosen modern music and music time traveling back to the 90s.

“I’m not really sure if I like the dance yet or not,” senior Kielan Doria said. “My favorite part of the dance by far is Sam Kraus and Breck Pebble. These two guys are by far the highlight of the dance. They make up for everyone’s mistakes.”

Seniors responses varied about participating. Kanee said, “The time you spend with just your class is fun. You don’t really follow step by step the entire routine, but it’s just a fun time to hang with your friends, have fun and dance for one last time.”

“This year is definitely more challenging,” Enyard said. “There are lots of hand gestures and foot movements that will make the dance better.”

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